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BandCizer is a sensor for Resistance Band Training

More than 10 million people buy a resistance band each year, in order to rehabilitate after injuries, alleviate or avoid pain from sedentary work, improve their fitness, or in order to enhance their sports performance.

BandCizer connect your resistance band directly to your iPad, instantly upgrading the simple rubber band to a leading high tech training device, with digital biofeedback, monitoring, instruction and quantified self.

BandCizer measure force

Unlike any other commercial training sensor, BandCizer dynamically measure both force and motion of the user during training. This allow our accompanying App to guide the user toward optimal training effort and tempo in real-time. This ability have excited leading European and US training researchers and training providers to conduct and plan major projects with us.

BandCizer is a startup company

BandCizer ApS is founded by Anders S. Sørensen  & Tim Bang. As associate professor with the ‘Training Technology Group’ at University of Southern Denmark, Anders has the ideal background and network to support the technological development. As owner of ProCare ApS, Tim has the ideal experience and network to support the business development as well as distribution.

BandCizer is open to  partnerships with training and health-service providers, present on digital platforms, as well as investors that wish to be part of the training revolution enabled by wireless sensors and peoples desire for quantified self.

 Product launch 2015

Our product is currently being tested with exclusive partners. Version 1 will be launched for evaluation customers early 2015, with mass distribution to follow.



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